Two Become One!

A while ago, about a year if my memory serves me right I agreed to look after my brother is laws reef tank whilst he moved home.

It has now become quite apparant that it is not going back!

You have probably noticed that recently a lot of the articles being posted have been from my Dad. The reason for this is that I decided to go back to the one aquarium. Whilst I love aquariums with the 9-5 day job and family life looking after two largish aquarium was proving just a little to much to handle.

Plus I dread to think how much electricity I have been using.

I have to admit that I would have loved to have kept both of them but I have to be realistic in the sense that it is not faesible.

So I had a decision to make – do I keep the one which I have been keeping for years or do I keep the one which is apparantly now mine.

I might regret it and maybe I made the wrong decision but I decided to keep the reef tank which used to be my brother in laws.

The old aquarium cost me a lot more to run as it had two metal halides over the display aquarium, one halide over the propagation tank, a separate cryptic zone tank and a sump the same size as the display aquarium. On top of this it had a huge amount of water movement inside as was stocked full of SPS corals. Because of the SPS corals I had a calcium reactor running full time.

I’m sure I will miss the old one but I am looking forward to getting the one I have kept back to it’s glory. It was for many years unfortunately neglected and whilst I have done bits to it to try and recover it I simply have not had the time to devote to it – something I aim to put right.

So that is the reason why I have not been posting much – I have been helping move the old aquarium to it’s new home, a reefing friend of mine who has had a break from the hobby and wanted to get back into it. Perfect time for him and the perfect time for me.

It has improved a great deal over the past year than when it first arrived. Water conditions are now good, the water circulation is correct, equipment has been replaced where neccessary etc.

What I might do is record monthly picture blogs here on Aquarists Online so that over time this will show a representation as to how things are improving.