Very Good, Yes, Very Good

The holiday my wife and I have just had that is. This time as I said before going, we went to Virginia. Flew into Richmond and stayed at a place called the Powhatton Plantation.

While in the area we visited all the historic places such as York Town where English rule more or less ended following the surrender of the English general Cornwallis to General Washington, and James Town where English rule began when a landing was made in 1907 (I’m generally into history and soak up dates like a sponge does water). A really good day was spent at Williamsburg looking at historical buildings, all well restored and maintained.

Arguably the best day of all was when we visited Washington DC. What a great place to spend leisure time at. A visit was of course made to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the White House, the Congress, and the Smithsonian Museums. The latter were far too large for a proper look to be made unfortunately. Much more was seen. As said, great.

Anyway, holiday over, another tick on the map and a whole load of new memories.

Peter’s done some good blogs while I was away. He’s also done a good caretaking job on my reef aquarium, all the corals are fine and the fish are out and about in good colour. The glass isn’t too bad for algae, a quick run over with the magnet scraper will sort that out. The RO (reverse osmosis) water I left for Peter to use for top-ups hasn’t gone down much. That’s because I always put cover glasses on when away to reduce evaporation – they’ll be taken off again now. Anyway, many thanks to Peter.

I like the link to EBay that’s now on the website. Hopefully it will be very useful. Along with the Marketplace and the sponsor’s sites that are accessible, there’s a lot of choice. I also notice that the forum is coming back into use now that Peter has fixed the problem that arose previously. I cannot guarantee that I’m correct – but definitely suspect I will be – I reckon the website is unique in what is offered overall.

My brain is still slightly ‘on holiday’ (my wife would probably say it’s always that way) but I’m nearly back to normal, whatever normal actually is.

Glad to say ‘hello’ once again.

  1. Good to have you back Dad.

    Glad you had a really good time and managed to get there and back safely. There is a young boy in my house who has missed you!

    Plus it is very hard to write posts on your own so now you have to get writing!

  2. Hey! Error!
    The English landed in 1607. Thought I’d get in before it was picked up.

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