We Have Made Changes To The Forum And The Gallery

For a while now the forum and the gallery have been running as two separate applications on the web server. This, for obvious reasons made it hard for us to administer and moderate.

Over the Christmas period we have been thinking about ways to make this easier on ourselves as well as being easy to navigate for you.

It suddenly hit us – can we combine the two?

After a look we found we could so that’s what we did.

The old gallery has been shut down and a new photo gallery installed on the forum with the photos from the old gallery being transferred. The gallery on the forum is still split into categories and we feel is quite easy to navigate plus we managed to make it so that pictures can be rated – just as they were in the old gallery.

At the same time we had a look to see if we could make the forum better.

We are pleased to say that we have been able to put in some new features for you all (and us) to use and hopefully enjoy and find beneficial.

So what are they?

  • The new photo gallery of course where you can look at the pictures we upload as well as having the ability to upload your own. You will also be able to make comments on pictures as well as rate them.
  • Blogs – You now have the ability to have your very own blog within the forum. You can blog about your aquarium(s), detailing your progress and share it with others. You also have the ability to leave comments on blogs.
  • A new easy to use posting page so that you do not need to know bbcode any more. You can write (or reply to) a post just like you were writing in a word processor. There is a load of functionality in this ranging from advanced text manipulation, quotes, videos, pictures plus a lot more.
  • A brand new member profile area.
  • The ability to add friends to your profile.
  • A new layout to the forum categories to make it easier to read.
  • A new FAQ.
  • New smilies
  • All topped off with a brand new front end portal type design.

We believe that the changes to the forum move it from being just a forum into more of a community area which is what we both wanted it to be. Hopefully you will all like it.

The good thing is that with it now being easier on us we will now have more time to participate in the forum as well as having more time to write posts for the blog!

Check it out and let us know what you think – if you are not a member yet then why not join up?