We’re Back…

At last – the website(s) are restored!

We have been working with our hosting company over the past couple of days to see what has happened and attempt to rectify the issue which also attempting to ensure that it does not happen again.

According to the host it appears to be due to a synchronisation/replication issue where the databases, code etc behind Aquarists Online, Aqua Compare etc was moved to another host and something has gone wrong during the transfer.

The data transfer may have been initiated as we have started to run out of disk space and have started to reach our monthly bandwidth limit so a short while ago we upgraded our hosting package to give us more disk space as well as more bandwidth.

In the end various areas of the website(s) had to be restored from tape backup to restore the site(s). This does mean that if any comments have been left, articles submitted etc since the 9th November these will have unfortunately been lost.

This is the reason why we have not posted for a couple of days. We did not want to post any articles only for them to be overwritten if we had to perform a tape restore.

Now the restore is complete we can get back to posting articles. We’ve been writing some over the past couple of days so we have a couple already lined up!

I have done as many tests as I can think of both behind the scenes as well as from the front end and I am not able to find any anomolies. This does not mean that there aren’t any it could just be that I can’t find them. Therefore if you find something which is not right then please can I ask that you let us know.

Again, apologies for this inconvenience.

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