We’ve Hit 1000 Subscribers To Our Newsletter!

Our monthly newsletter was sent out a short while ago and I noticed that we have hit what we call a milestone.

We have 1000 subscribers!

Actually there are 1002 but whos counting – well me actually!

To a lot of websites online this is probably not a large amount but to me I think it is amazing.

We create the newsletter which we have called ‘Salty News’ once a month and send it out via email. We cover various aspects in the newsletter ranging from what’s going on with us, questions we have been asked as well as the answers provided, the website, favourite animals, tips, techniques etc.

My Dad tends to provide the majority of the content to the newsletter and I add bits which I belive people may also find interesting and/or useful. This is something that my Dad wanted to do as he knew that I spend quite a considerable amount of time maintaining the website as well as looking for other services we can provide on Aquarists Online.

I find it really interesting that we create the newsletter and over 1000 people all around the world are reading it. Or maybe it goes straight into the trash folder – I hope not.