What About Seahorses

I don’t know about you but I have an absolute fascination for seahorses. If I was not so addicted to keeping my saltwater aquarium then I would probably keep seahorses. I don’t know why I like them so much – they don’t move around a lot, the water is hardly moving yet there is something about them which is strangely fascinating.

Of course I would not dream of putting one in my existing aquarium as there is to much water movement for them. I have heard of people doing this and I personally do not agree with it. Even the sump in my opinion has to much water movement. A slow moving refugium, possibly, there would be food for them to eat, something for them to hold onto with their tails – but still not convinced.

If I was to keep seahorses then they would be in their own aquarium setup exactly for their needs – just like my saltwater aquarium is setup for the needs of the corals and fish in there.

Anyway I thought you may like a site which I visit quite often. The site is called Seahorse Organisation and there is a tremendous amount of information on there.

If you are interested in seahorses then it is well worth a visit.