What Is It That Makes Saltwater Aquariums So Popular

Many years ago keeping a saltwater aquarium was but a dream for many people, they were known for being exceptionally hard to keep, the animals did not live for long etc.

How times have changed.

Throughout these years more and more has been learnt about keeping these fascinating creatures and as more has been learnt about the science the more that technology has evolved. With the mixture of technology evolving and the greater knowledge of the science more and more people are keeping saltwater aquariums.

Every single day more people consider starting a saltwater aquarium. This comes from various avenues – it could come from an individual keeping a freshwater aquarium and wanting to move to marines, it could come from television from watching documentaries or movies like Finding Nemo, it could come from scuba diving – the list is endless. The good thing is that this hobby is becoming more and more popular.

I am sure that the majority of people on their travels have seen a saltwater aquarium of some type.

So what is it about this hobby which either made you start or is making you consider starting?

For me I have grown up around saltwater aquariums. My father kept them all the way through my childhood and when I moved into my own home I wanted my own aquarium. So with my fathers teaching (I was lucky in that area) my adventure started.

There are so many things about saltwater aquariums which I find interesting. I like the science where I can learn and understand all the areas which I need to know, I like the technology which I can utilise to make keeping an aquarium easier so that I can enjoy it more than maintaining it, I have a thing about learning and there is one thing in this hobby and that is that we are all continuously learning – I suppose most of all though I love the life which has been placed in my care. It is my duty to provide them with a habitat which they can thrive in and I get so much satisfaction watching the fish swim happily around and watching the corals slowly grow over time.

Another aspect which I have found from keeping marine aquariums is that I have learn to be more patient. As a child I was not known for my patience but from keeping various aquariums over the years I have had to learn patience and this has helped me in other areas throughout my life so far.

Also at the moment with having Joshua who has just turned five and is starting to show an interest in the aquarium I am able to spend quality time with him and show him various aspects of the aquarium. He is starting to learn all the names of the fish, helps me do maintenance and really enjoys feeding them. I spend a lot of my day at work and spending time with my family is important to me – no longer am I on my own doing the aquarium now I can do this with my little boy by my side.