What Is The Berlin Method

Whilst doing your research (which if you have not gathered by now is very important!) you will have probably heard of a term called the ‘[tag-tec]Berlin Method[/tag-tec]’ but do you actually know what it is and what it means?

Basically the Berlin Method is the method which the majority of aquarists now follow when setting up their own saltwater aquarium.

So what is it?

Well basically it is an aquarium which is setup as follows:

  • Biological filtration provided by live rock.
  • A powerful protein skimmer.
  • Powerful lighting.
  • Calcium addition either via a calcium reactor, kalkwasser or via additives.

There are, of course numerous other methods utilised and various techniques employed to provide the best foundation for the aquarium. From this foundation you can then continue and build a thriving [tag-ice]home aquarium[/tag-ice].

The Berlin method is also named numerous other names one of which is the natural method.

Over the years since the inception of this method further aspects have been researched and new ways of performing various aspects have been discovered. A good example of these are deep sand beds, algae beds, cryptic zones etc.

Only a short post today but at least now when you hear the term ‘Berlin Method’ you will know what it means!

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