Why Not Use Our Articles!

Recently we have received quite a few email asking for our permission to use some of our content on their websites. We are very pleased in these circumstances as the website owners are actually asking permission first. We are sure that there are a lot of websites who use other peoples content without asking. I am not sure if this is illegal or not but I know that it is definately rude.

We have decided that we would like to formally state on the record here at Aquarists Online that we do not mind our articles being used on other peoples websites as long as we are credited with the creation of the article and a link back to Aquarists Online would also be greatly appreciated.

The use of our articles does not need to just be on websites though. We are more than happy for them to be used in other areas – printed material for example. The same rule applies though – if any of our site content is used then we would expect to be credited with the creation of the article.

It is of course very hard for us to police this and as said I am not even sure if it is illegal to use other peoples content without either asking their permission first or crediting them as the creators.

I will put an authors block in the aquarium articles area of this site which will detail the sort of credit we would like however you do not need to use this format if you do not wish to do so. You could always just put something along the lines of ‘Written By John Cunningham – Aquarists Online’ of course replacing John for Peter if it is one of my articles.

On another note we have also decided that we may open up Aquarists Online for guest articles. Up until now we have not really done this as we cannot guarantee the quality of the format however what we are thinking of doing is allowing this on Aquarists Online as long as the article(s) in question are in relation to the marine aquarium hobby and are beneficial to the beginner as well as not being confusing in any way.

We will also follow the same rule that we expect others to follow. We will always ensure that the author of the article is credited with creation and will provide a link back to their website if one exists. This is beneficial in a number of ways. To our valued readers of Aquarists Online it provides new content for them to read and for the author of the article it will assist in raising their profile as well as possibly gaining some extra traffic.

So there you go you now have permission to use our content as long as we are credited and we may also accept content from other people to be displayed on Aquarists Online.