Coral Problems

Anyone sitting down with a good gardening book can be taken aback by the number of problems that could be met by any particular plant. Some are hardier and more resistant to disease than others. This is of course true for all life forms.

The marine hobby world, be it a fish only aquarium or reef aquarium, is no exception. The fish can fall to disease, and so can corals.

This is not intended to be a cover-all for aquarium coral problems. The subject would be far too large. However, an attempt will be made to consider perhaps the more likely troubles.

To avoid as far as possible any problems arising in the first place, there are four areas that need attention.
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  1. Hi, I would like to ask for some advise if that is ok? Ok, I purchased a toadstool coral 3 days ago since then it has drooped over and is looking like a old wrinkled mushroom, ive had a previous coral die on me but that one lasted longer, I do regular water changes 15% weelky sg is 1.025, calcium is ok about 450-480, ph is 8.1-8.2 not testing for magnesium temp is about 80F, is that too warm?. Although its drooping I came down this morning while the lights were off and its polyps were fully extended which was the first time since putting it in. But its stem looks all wrinkly, it looked fine and strong when I put it in, Could it just be getting used to the change in water?, please help its really frustrating me why my corals are going this way.

  2. Also I have good water movement I have almost 4000 litres per hour circulating roughly 160 ltr of water with a V2 600 skimmer whick I clean once a week……thanks

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