Good Starter Corals For The Beginner

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When starting a new [tag-tec]reef tank[/tag-tec], especially if you are a beginner to the hobby as I am sure you may by now appreciate there is at times quite a lot to learn.

Starting a [tag-tec]reef aquarium[/tag-tec] is only as hard as you allow it to be. Why learn all about advanced water chemistry for example at the very beginning – learn the basics first, get your aquarium running and then carry on reading, studying and learning.

Why make starting an aquarium harder by including corals in your aquarium where you have to learn a lot about how to care for and maintain them. There are some corals which are exceptionally hard to care for so why not keep some of the easier to keep corals whilst you are learning the basics and as you learn more and your aquarium ages then you can add more. [Read more]