Have You Considered Artificial Corals?

Let’s face it not every beginner to this hobby has the courage to keep corals straight away. There are some people who are happy to keep a [tag-self]fish only aquarium[/tag-self] and why not they are beautiful things.

A lot of people as said would love to keep corals with fish but are worried that they do not have the experience, knowledge etc to care for and maintain corals in a closed aquarium system.

I take my hat off to these people to be fair. If anybody is not confident enough about keeping corals then should they keep them at this time. They could learning along the way but would there be any deaths – maybe not but maybe so.

There is another option.

[tag-tec]Artificial corals[/tag-tec]. These have become very popular of late and a lot of public aquariums are using these in their show aquariums. I have to be honest and say that I have never had them but have seen them in person both in an aquarium and in a shop.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as to how realistic these corals are. There are some artifical hard corals which are of course hard and there are even anenomes which will blow around in the currents. Looking at them there is a vast arrays of colours to choose from and to be fair a very large selection.

So if you are not yet confident about keeping corals then why not have a look at them – they could be what you are looking for in the interim. Even if you have a fish only aquarium then why not take a look they might look good in your aquarium.

Plus your fish may get a shock when they go for a nibble!