Buying A New Marine Fish

Marine Fish

All aquarists need to buy livestock, and the majority of livestock purchases are from a local fish shop (LFS). There are certain points that need to be watched for when the livestock is selected.

The aquarist may just be ready to start introducing marine fish, and the first action is to consider the type of fish to be stocked. Is the aquarium fish only of reef? If fish only there is more general freedom in choice, but eventual size, territoriality/aggression, and compatibility with tank mates has to be considered. It will not be very pleasing if one fish finds another fish a tasty meal, or fish fight. So the aquarist needs to consider the type of fish only aquarium, be it big fish, small fish, aggressive fish etc. Great care needs to be taken at this stage. Before going to the LFS, research should be done and a list of possible candidates drawn up. All the fish may not be available, but the plan is there. [Read more]

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