Consider Tank Raised Marine Fish

There are a lot of people who decide to start a marine aquarium due to seeing a natural coral reef in person, on televsion, in pictures etc.

Of course there are lots of other reasons as to why people start saltwater aquariums.

But that’s not the purpose of this post.

The majority of aquarists have a passion for life in the wild as well as the life which they keep in their home aquarium.

And rightly so – life in nature is wonderful.

This does however bring an issue to ‘us aquarists’

We love the life in the ocean yet we need to remove some of this life so that it can exist in our [tag-tec]home aquarium[/tag-tec].

Granted a lot of the fish, corals etc on the reef are monitored and protected so that the reef is not drained empty of life yet we as the responsible aquarists we are need to at least try to do our bit.

By that I mean considering purchasing [tag-tec]tank raised marine fish[/tag-tec].

For those who are not sure what a tank raised fish is let me enlighten you. Basically they are marine fish which are bred in an aquarium and allowed to grow until they are old enough to be made for sale.

So what’s the beneift.

Two fold really. The first is that with them being tank raised they have not been removed from the wild, therefore the populations in the wild are not reduced. Secondly they are generally hardier than wild fish so are more accustomed to life confined to the aquarium.

To me that is two good reasons to at least consider it.

A while ago we were very limited to what we could purchase in this area however nowadays the selection is much greater.

You can purchase fish such as :

  • Clownfish
  • Dottyback
  • Banggai Cardinal
  • Gobies
  • and more…

Don’t worry if your local fish shop do not have any in stock. Just ask and I am sure that they will be able to acquire some for you.

Maybe you will not fill your entire aquarium with tank raised marine fish but if you at least have a couple then you have helped to reduce the impact on the wild reef.

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  1. Great article and thanks for writing on this topic. I always try to purchase tank raised fish and coral frags when I can. Both two clownfish are tank raised, as well as most of the snails I have. Just ordered a few frags as well.

    Keep up the great writing, definitely a good thing you have going on here.

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