If A Fish Dies Should You Remove It From The Aquarium

Quick post this evening I’m afraid as I am limited for time.

Again today’s post comes from a question I was asked a while ago.

‘If A Fish Dies Should You Remove It From The Aquarium’

To me you should only remove a deceased fish from the aquarium if you can see it and do not have to dismantle to much rockwork to get to it.

If you cannot see the fish then I would not be tempted to remove the rocks in an attempt to find and remove it. For all you know it might actually not be dead but just hiding or swimming around under/behind the rocks. On top of this by moving the rocks around you may damage some of the other fish, corals etc in the aquarium.

In an aquarium a deceased fish will decompose quite quickly. There are a lot of animals in the aquarium who will ‘eat’ the dead fish and before long there will not be anything left.

What I would recommend however is that you should check your water quality more frequently for a while using water test kits to ensure that there is no detriment of water quality.