Saltwater Fish Compatability

A very big aspect to ensuring the well being of the fish within your care is to ensure that they get on well with each other plus any corals or invertebrates which are in the aquarium – in other words that they are compatible with each other.

For this reason I thought it would be worthwhile posting a saltwater fish compatabiltity chart so that you can see at a glance which fish get one well with other fish, corals, invertebrates and which ones do not.

One thing that must be noted however is that like humans not all fish are the same – there are some peaceful ones and there are some tempremental little blighters. For this reason this compatability chart is just a general guide and is not set in stone. It does however let you know generally if a fish f X species will be able to be housed in the same aquarium as X species.

Hope you find it useful.

Saltwater Fish Compatability Chart

  1. Compatibility Charts are definitely useful–that’s why we have them on MD and MDL–but I think that they should only be used as a springboard for further discussion. Like you mentioned, Compatibility Charts are formed using generalities, thus one must keep in mind that “there are some peaceful ones and there are some temperamental little blighters.” I say use a forum to start a conversation with other hobbyists to find out others experiences with a particular species or combination thereof. If I had done that a few times instead of buy impulsively, I probably wouldn’t have lost a couple of my undersea buddies. 🙁

  2. I have to say I agree with that.
    The really good thing about an ‘instant’ reference is that it might stop the kneejerk purchase of a fish, particularly by newcomers. It is new aquarists that fall foul of compatability isuues generally, though not exclusively. If the desire for a particular fish is strong, then, as you say, go to the forum and discuss it.

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