Stress, A Potential Killer

With a successful marine aquarium, be it a fish only aquarium or reef aquarium, the term ‘stress’ seems inappropriate. Beautiful fish gliding about, corals swaying in the currents, shrimps on their eternal quest for another morsel to eat. Aquarists sit and watch the living picture with a sense just the opposite to stress.

In the human world stress is well known. The so-called rat-race, people getting to work, then being overworked, then sitting in traffic jams on the way home again – and all the rest. Stress is recognised medically as a problem, and it can lead to complications if not dealt with.

The marine aquarium world is not different. There is a difference in cause, but the affect on the afflicted can be no less catastrophic.

On the wild reef natural stress is part of the daily routine. Fish can be chased by and perhaps escape from predators. Predators create the need to hide for security. In breeding periods there is competition. There may be brushes with disease. Life on the wild reef can generally cope.
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