What To Look For When Considering Purchasing A New Fish

I went down to my local fish shop today as I needed some more salt. I have known the owner for many years now and he knows my saltwater aquarium nearly as well as I do.

I had a good look at the corals and the fish whilst I was there and then settled down with a coffee to have a good chat with the owner.

People came in and out of the shop – some purchased and some did not.

There was one person who came in, had a quick look in one of the fish tanks, came over to the counter interrupting our conversation and said to the owner ‘I want that fish’- not even a please. No questions were asked by the customer as to how long the fish had been in the shop etc.

If the owner had not started asking questions about his other stock, the aquarium setup etc then it would have been a disaster.

Why – well he did not even have a saltwater aquarium – he had a freshwater aquarium!
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  1. Admittedly, I am an amateur compared to some of the experts that work here @ Marine Depot. So when I went to a LFS and brought back a new fish recently, my colleagues immediately started poking fun at the Sweet Lips I bought since I only have a 24-gallon tank. I asked the kid on duty (not the owner) some general questions about the species since I was about to make a spontaneous purchase, and he basically told me what I wanted to hear instead of what I needed to hear. The end result: the Sweet Lips died two weeks later, and one of my clowns and a Royal Gramma with it by way of infection. So, I’d like to add that unless you trust the person in the store, it’s best to do your homework. I’ve learned my lesson and the tank is better for it today. RIP Krusty & Julie! 😉

  2. We all (or at least many of us) do it in the very early days don’t we! We’ve built our system with great care, but when it comes to stocking temptation takes over. Some marine fish are so beautiful…and small. The word ‘temporarily’ doesn’t come to mind until later when the fish is too big and might have eaten a few others.
    I agree, research and patience.

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