The Basis Of Our Hobby


It’s very easy to identify the basis of the marine hobby that is so fascinating to so many aquarists. The basis of course is the wild coral reef which, despite increasing coral propagation and fish breeding, is where the majority of our livestock comes from.

There’s a lot of doom and gloom about all sorts nowadays including the coral reefs, and also including just about every natural domain there is, especially the rainforests. An area the size of a football pitch disappears from the rainforests about every four seconds! Makes the brain start thinking, the rainforests are often called the lungs of the earth and have a very large diversity of life.

A ‘head in the sand’ stance may be comfortable for a time but is not going to change anything, the facts that prevail will still be there when the head emerges again. I’m a realist with an optimistic leaning and certainly not a pessimist. I like to know what is happening generally and in particular on the coral reefs.

I’ve stated before and I’ll state again that I believe that the marine hobby is able to assist Mother Nature by coral propagation and fish breeding and it’s great to know that this is increasing within the hobby, and commercial interests are hard at work and also increasing. The more that is propagated and bred the less is taken from the wild reefs.

I’ve provided a link to a website that gives the facts on the coral reefs. There are also some more facts, which could be surprising, about how high economic dependency is on the reefs and how many people depend on them as well. The link goes direct to the page where photographs are available, click on them to increase their size. On the left hand side is a list of website areas, the ‘Coral Reef Facts’ are there plus other areas.

The majority of marine aquarists are doing just what they should be doing; keeping their aquariums in tip top condition and providing a habitat that should ensure health and long life for the livestock. This in itself is of direct benefit to the wild reefs.