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Construction and Problems – Acrylic Aquariums

I have only ever used glass aquariums, those boxes glued together with silicone. They are immensely strong and long lasting though there can be problems. The potential problems with a glass aquarium such as a crack or silicone failure (been a bit too hasty with that razor perhaps!) have been

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Glass Thickness And Why It Is Important

There are many very competent DIY’ers about, doing all sorts of jobs from putting up a new shelf to building a house. The marine hobby is an excellent area for DIY.

Many aquarists have completed DIY projects very successfully. These projects might be a filter using acrylic tube, a protein skimmer, a lighting system etc. Some go a step further than that and design and build their own aquarium.

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Sumps – what are they and should you use one

A lot of aquarists nowadays use a sump on their aquariums. I know I do – every single salt water aquarium I have ever run has had a sump attached with the exception of one which even to this day I wish I had done so.

So what is a sump and how can you benefit from having one.

A sump is basically another aquarium (or something else which is saltwater safe) which is housed underneath or near to the main display aquarium. The sump is a location where you can install various pieces of equipment such as but not limited to protein skimmers, heaters, auto water top up device, calcium reactors etc.

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In this hobby you’re going to need an aquarium

Of course if you want to keep salt water life then you are going to need something to keep them in – something for them to call home.

There are things, however which you need to consider – don’t just rush out and purchase the first one you see. The first thing to consider is cost and the second is size.

As I said in a previous post there is a belief that this hobby is expensive, it can be – if you let it. I spent an absolute fortune on my first aquarium, purchasing everything I thought I needed then finding out later as I learnt more that I actually did not need them.

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