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Anemones Sometimes Go For A Walk…

An anemone is a superb addition to a marine aquarium. With their tentacle gently swaying in the water currents, their unique way in catching food, their breathtaking relationship with anemone fish etc it is no surprise that a lot of aquarists consider adding one to their aquarium. However…. An anemone

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Clownfish Anemones

The term ‘clownfish anemone’ is an incorrect description, but it describes them well enough. These are the anemones that clownfish use as a home. Probably nearly everyone, aquarist or not, has seen the amazing sight of an unharmed clownfish within the stinging tentacles. Some of these anemones are in fact

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Keeping An Anemone

There is understandably great fascination with some anemones, mainly because of their well known association with clownfish. Seeing these colourful little fish nestling in among what are normally dangerous tentacles is amazing. Before an aquarist obtains an anemone, the usual research into type and requirements is necessary. Many anemones require

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I needed a bigger tank.

Aquarists with a salt water aquarium usually (ignoring fish only systems) fill them with fascinating life forms of the reef. This can be soft corals, hard corals and a host of other potential inhabitants.

In the setting up stage great efforts are made to ensure that water quality and lighting are adequate, and the overall habitat is suitable for the inhabitants. The aquarium should then thrive, with the permission of nature and perhaps a little bit of luck.

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