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So You’re In Charge, Yes?

So You’re In Charge, Yes?

  No this isn’t about domestic arrangements! This is about marine aquariums and the persons they belong to. We, the aquarists decided on having a tropical marine aquarium. We spent a long time deciding on a lot of things, ‘what size should it be?’ and ‘where will it go?’ are examples.

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Competition : Name Our Newsletter

Every month we publish a newsletter to all of our subscribers.

This newsletter covers various aspects from our personal aquariums, tips, advice, news and more. We are always on the lookout for information which we can provide.

Of course we also provide information on this site which we hope is beneficial to you.

The newsletter which we provide is a joint newsletter between Aquarists Online website and the Salt Water Aquarium website, however that is where we have a dilemma:

What in the world do we call it?

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So Why Do You?

So why do you keep a salt water aquarium? Or a fish only aquarium for that matter?

This came up because a television man had occasion to come through my hall and saw my aquarium. His first comment was “that’s beautiful” which to any aquarist is music. A few things were explained to him about corals, the fish, and how much maintenance was needed.

He was only given a bare boned outline of the aquarium etc, not a long winded boring lecture. He looked at me and asked “So why do you keep an aquarium then?” My reply was that I enjoyed it and found it relaxing. He nodded and off he went.

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