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The Future

  Wow, now that’s a big title, so it had better be reduced straightaway! What ‘future’? It’s got to be marine aquariums of course, but excluding the gloom concerning the wild reefs. In some areas that could be discussed the future is fairly apparent if only generally.

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A Year Ago!

I’m always going on in the newsletter about how the time flies between the one I’m writing and the next. It’s true too, though time is constant of course it does seem to disappear at a phenomenal rate. Now the start of May is here this website

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Introducing – Aquarists Online Social

Some of you may have wondered recently why a lot of the posts and articles have been published by John and why I have been so quiet. Three reasons really. 1. I have been exceptionally busy in my ‘day job’. 2. I have been ill of late

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