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Dosing Kalkwasser

Kalkwasser, otherwise known as limewater, is actually calcium hydroxide. Kalkwasser is a very fine powder and is normally introduced to the aquarium with the top-up water. There are realistically two methods to add kalkwasser to the aquarium, these are by a ‘kalk reactor/stirrer’ or by using what is called the

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How Do You Know When You May Need A Calcium Reactor?

A calcium reactor is a device which is used to provide much needed calcium as well as other elements dependant upon the media used. They work by slowly passing water through the media and recirculating it via a small pump. CO2 is slowly applied to the device to reduce the

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Iodine Addition To The Marine Aquarium

The marine reef aquarist carries out routine changes to maintain the necessary high quality of the seawater. The life within the aquarium makes demands on the seawater and the aquarist needs to ensure that there is sufficient quantity to meet those demands.

Some of the additions to the seawater are well known and accepted. One of these is calcium. Others are not so widely accepted as necessary, and one of these is iodine.

All non-scientific people, which includes me, tend to think of iodine as, well, iodine. As in so many things, it is not as simple as that.

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