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Aquascaping Designs – Be Creative

When it comes to the time when you are ready to aquascape your aquarium you will have to make your mind up as to which design you would like to make.

Quite often people, and I have seen it a lot, place the rock into the aquarium and basically create a wall of rock. Although this type of design may be appealing to some people it is not that appealing to me. In my opinion they do not look that attractive and to be fair not that natural.

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Aquascaping Your Aquarium

It does not matter if you have chosen live rock or ‘dead’ rock for your aquarium. There is one simple thing that you must do and that is ‘aquascaping’.

What this basically means is installing the rock into the aquarium so that it is stable, open and aesthetically pleasing.

The rock needs to be stable so that, funnily enough it does not fall over. If it is not built stable then the entire structure could fall over. At best you would have to rescape it. The worst scenario is that you could kill one of your aquarium inhabitants or even worse crack the aquarium!

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