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Beautiful Encrusting Algae But There’s A Small Downside

Marine aquarists try very hard to create a beautiful aquarium – whether the system is fish only or reef that is the target. These attempts are generally successful and often the picture is enhanced by Mother Nature. Mother Nature obviously provides the ‘eye targets’, the colourful fish and corals. In

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The very word can strike fear into any marine aquarist. Diseases, particularly ‘velvet’ and ‘white spot’ are real threats. The threat can be minimized of course. Careful selection of fish is the initial way, being careful to ensure the selected ones are as ‘clean’ as they should be. Other intended

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An Attached Quarantine Tank

Having a quarantine tank is generally accepted as ‘a good thing’. Strangely, the majority of marine aquarists don’t use one, instead throwing caution to the winds or at least relying on good luck. Perhaps they obtain their fish from sources where they are guaranteed to have been successfully quarantined. Anyway,

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