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Aquarium Care Is Important

There is a common saying which goes ‘good things take time yet bad things happen quickly’. This is a saying which is very true in the aquarium hobby. An important aspect of the aquarium hobby is performing the correct care and maintenance. This aspect is also quite

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An Aquarium Maintenance Service – Good Idea Or Bad

There are a lot of people interested in the saltwater aquarium hobby nowadays. It really is a growing hobby. A lot of people, like me are interested in saltwater aquariums for the life which we keep within then, have an interest in the chemical aspect of the

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DVD Review: ‘Your Instructional Marine Aquarium Guide’

This DVD is presented by Paul Talbot, produced by Fish Eye Films and can be purchased from Exclusive Fish Films. The DVD sent for review was very well wrapped when received. The container is a standard one and is attractively presented. On the colourful front is a

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Don’t Leave Your Glass Too Long Before You Clean It!

With my day job I have the requirement to travel from time to time. The past week or so has been one of those occasions. I knew that I was going to be travelling but I did not know at the time exactly how long I would

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How To Clean A Fish Tank

When the aquarium is clean it can look amazing to the eye – both for yourself and for anyone who see’s it.

The trouble is they don’t keep themselves clean do they.

Fish, like humans produce waste. This waste along with the aspects which we introduce into the aquarium (uneaten food etc) all helps to increase the pollution in the water.

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Aquarium Sand – Should You Clean It?

Aquarium sand is something that all salt water aquarists are well aware of. The question above is a simple one, but not quite as simple as it appears.

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