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Take As Much Time As Is Needed Before Purchasing Any Animals

With the festive period now finished and a new year just beginning there will probably be a lot of people who are interested in starting a marine aquarium – and why not – it is a fantastic, educational, relaxing hobby to be a part of. If you are new to

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Marine Aquarium Equipment – The No. 1

The aquarist nowadays has quite a choice of support equipment available. All this aquarium equipment, along with routine seawater changes, makes keeping high quality seawater easier. This is very important for the livestock be they fish or corals or whatever. ‘High quality seawater’ means something a little different to each

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Prepare Your Aquarium By Cycling It

It is essential to have efficient biological filtration in any marine aquarium. This is the bacteria based ‘filter’ that converts dangerous toxins so that the livestock are not threatened. Some aquarists prefer to call this bacterial function ‘life support’ and this name seems appropriate. Without it, or with insufficient, the

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