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The Cold Is Coming…..

It is that time of year again where the climate is starting to change to the colder type. It is not the type of weather I personally am a fan of. I like warm weather where time can be spent in the garden, have barbeques, play with

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Protect Your Livestock By Using Two Heaters

Whatever the size of the marine aquarium, it represents a fair financial investment. That’s just the system comprised of aquarium and support devices. Then there’s the livestock, which again requires a sizeable financial outlay. It is necessary to protect the livestock in as many ways as possible,

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It’s All Costing More

Nearly everyone is feeling the increase in cost, the cost of energy that is. Much of the world’s energy is derived from oil, and the price of oil is very noticeably going up. This is possibly going to continue for a longish period until some kind of

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Marine Aquarium Temperature

Aquarists keeping cold water systems very often employ chillers (coolers) to prevent the seawater warming up excessively. Warm water systems that are in naturally warm areas may well need to do the same to prevent overheating. Whatever the warm water system, be it a fish only aquarium

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Why You Should Use More Than One Heater In The Home Aquarium

As with anything in the saltwater home aquarium hobby one of the areas which all aquarists must attempt to maintain is stability.

Temperature is one of these factors.

Allowing the temperature in the aquarium to fluctuate cause stress on the corals, fish etc which can bring out diseases etc or at worst even death.

When you are starting your home aquarium one of the factors which you need to research is how much heating wattage you will require. In a lot of cases where this has been worked out the aquarist goes out and purchases a heater to suit the desired wattage.

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My Aquarium’s Too Warm!

In some areas of the world, including mine, it isn’t often that the words “isn’t it warm” can be heard. Often it is the pitter-patter of rain, or in the winter the howl of winds and the formation of snow drifts.

There are places in the world where it is always or mostly warm (coral reef areas are an obvious example). In the summer the weather can be warm and very pleasant where I live. Well, no problem with that says I! It can be a problem, though, if you keep a salt water aquarium.

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