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Aquarium Lighting For The Reef Tank – There’s No Right Or Wrong

When it comes to aquarium lighting for a reef tank there is one thing which must be noted:

‘There is no right or wrong lighting, there is no lighting which is better than others’

The most important consideration is choosing the lighting which is the most appropriate for the animals in your care.

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How Long Will My Aquarium Lights Last?

The aquarium is beautiful. That’s good, because a lot of effort, both research and money, has gone into it. Sitting back and viewing the result is a great pleasure.

The aquarist has realised that he/she has to do maintenance. If maintenance isn’t done, there’ll be changes in the aquarium – deterioration will set in. That would be a shame and there is no need for it. Just a few simple guide lines and all should be well. Testing the water for example. There is one other that sometimes is missed, and that is lighting.

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