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Boss Fish

An aquarium full of fish, or one with a captive reef and fish. They are both potentially beautiful.

The aquarist has acted absolutely correctly, allowing the aquarium to mature and adapt to the increasing bio-load by introducing fish very slowly. The research showed that more timid fish should be introduced first, and thus those fish can settle in and feel secure before more boisterous fish arrive. There aren’t any particularly belligerent fish, and certainly no fish predators, in the final fish mix. None are oversized for the physical size of the tank or the net gallonage.

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Cycling The Marine Aquarium

After you have done all the research, planned your system and parted with some or even lots of your hard earned cash then you will finally be at a point where you will starting to prepare to add some animals to your new aquarium.

The aquarium is in place and is full of water – all it needs now is some livestock to make the picture complete, however before you can add any animals to the aquarium it needs to be cycled.

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My Dream Saltwater Aquarium

We love our marine aquariums, don’t we. The money we spend on them, the time we spend on them. Not to mention the time we spend just gazing at them.

There’s always the feeling that it could be a little better, isn’t there. Not always the existing aquarium, either. Now experience has been gathered and methods are fully understood, the possibilities that could be achieved are realized.

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Aquarium Safety – This Post Is Very Important

As aquarists we strive to ensure that the life placed in our care is maintained to the best of our abilities. I’m not just talking about salt water aquariums but any aquarium – cold water, tropical, marine, ponds etc etc.

All aquariums have one thing in common – they all have water in them.

The majority of aquariums require items to ensure that the life can be maintained correctly – the majority of which require elecricity to operate – you can see where I am going with this can’t you.

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