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Take Your Time When Designing Your Sump

In my opinion a sump is an extremely important addition to a [tag-tec]saltwater aquarium[/tag-tec]. Not everyone chooses to use one which is fair enough as this is down to personal preference but for me a sump has so many uses that the pros outweigh the cons. Hide

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Should You Drill The Aquarium Or Use An Aquarium Overflow Box

This is a question which I get asked quite a lot. I have my own personal preference but in reality it is down to you as an aquarist to make your own decision based upon your personal preferences.

I suppose really it depends upon whether the aquarium has water in it or not.

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Loads Of Micro Bubbles In My Sump

I have a sump on my saltwater aquarium which is fed by four overflows from the main display aquarium.

This sump contains a deep sand bed, a refugium and all the equipment which can be hidden (heaters, return pump, protein skimmer, calcium reactor and auto top up)

For some reason and I don’t know why I have suddenly started getting loads of micro bubbles in my sump.

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