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Planarians are otherwise known as flatworms. They can be fairly colourful and a few in the aquarium could be accepted by the aquarist as another life form on the captive reef to create more interest. Unfortunately this is not so. Flatworms can definitely be placed in the

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An Aiptasia Predator

Marine aquarists, generally, have all the pleasure and little grief, with high seawater quality and a happy mix of livestock. True, on occasion there can be some trouble – with algae for example, but generally it’s a peaceful and pleasurable hobby. It is with me. There is

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I really like my soft coral reef – all the time it developed over the last 5½+ years and how it is now. It is really full of a diverse range of corals coloured various pastel shades, the tall ones swaying in the currents. There is hardly

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Aiptasia – Death By Fire!

I found a really interesting article over at Elder Reef today. Andy has found what looks like a really unique way to clear the aquarium of aiptasia. Aiptasia can very easily become a pest in the saltwater aquarium. At first they appear to be a welcome addition,

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Reef Aquarium Pests

As with most hobbies there are some things that are definitely undesirable. Keeping a saltwater reef aquarium or saltwater fish only aquarium is a most fulfilling hobby, but irritating problems can occur.

For example, outbreaks of filamentous green algae, brown/black/red smear algae, glass anemones and bubble algae (sailor’s eyeball algae) are four of the major culprits. These problems can develop into major headaches if proper action during setting-up and the following care and maintenance are not taken.

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