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Remember To Water Test Your Aquarium

When you set up an aquarium, be this the display aquarium, sump, refugium or any other type of aquarium one thing you must do prior to mixing the expensive salt with the again expensive reverse osmosis water is to test that the aquarium does not leak.

This is exceptionally simple to do. All you do is fill the relevant aquarium with tap water and leave it for a while.

I know that this may sound like a waste of water but doing so allows you to test the seals in the aquarium. How would you feel if you filled the aquarium with reverse osmosis water, mixed in the salt only to find out that it leaked and that you would need to remove all of this water, store it somehow or even worse have to throw it away.

Filling it with tap water allows you to test the seals. There is no guarantee that the aquarium will not leak. Whilst the manufacturer will make every effort to ensure that it does not they cannot guarantee it. Or if they do provide a guarantee it will be that they either repair or replace it. Either way you have lost valuable water and salt.

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