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Have A Soft Flow For Better Polyp Extension

Seawater movement in the aquarium is a known requirement. This movement is needed by all marine aquarium creatures to a greater or lesser extent. The aquarist who keeps a fish only system may believe that seawater movement is not so important and that belief is correct. However,

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Aquarium Equipment – The Peristaltic Pump

Aquarists use different types of equipment to assist in the running of their aquariums. These can be very important ‘must haves’ such as a protein skimmer and circulation pumps, or labour saving devices such as an automated evaporation top-up device or calcium reactor. One piece of labour

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Closed Loop Circulation – How Hard Is It To Install

Creating good water movement in the aquarium is required in order for the [tag-self]aquarium filtration[/tag-self] (if live rock is used) to be both efficient and effective, for the correct oxygenation to occur and for the transport of both food and waste around the aquarium. A lot of

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Closed Loop Circulation – What’s That Then

After water quality and then lighting water circulation, in my opinion comes next.

Not just any water circulation though – you can’t just chuck powerheads left right and centre into the aquarium and turn it into a washing machine – you have to create the right water flow.

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The Peristaltic Pump and the Salt Water Aquarium

The peristaltic pump (peri pump for shortness) is a small very low flow pump originally designed for the medical profession. In that area it was used for the continuous careful and accurate administration of drugs etc.

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There’s No Water Movement In My Reef

I came home this evening from a hard day at work, ready for the weekend, spend some quality time with the family and do the weekly maintenance on the aquarium.

Everything was all ok until I parked the car on the drive, got out and came into the house……

As soon as I came into the house the first thing I could hear was a beeping sound. I knew right from the very start what it was. It was the control unit from my Tunze wavebox. Sometimes it gets a slight block, the pump turns itself off to prevent damage and the alarm sounds.

No problem I thought I’ll just give it a quick once over and it will be fine.

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