Aquarium Safety – This Post Is Very Important

As aquarists we strive to ensure that the life placed in our care is maintained to the best of our abilities. I’m not just talking about salt water aquariums but any aquarium – cold water, tropical, marine, ponds etc etc.

All aquariums have one thing in common – they all have water in them.

The majority of aquariums require items to ensure that the life can be maintained correctly – the majority of which require elecricity to operate – you can see where I am going with this can’t you.

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Nature Survives

Many years ago I ran an aquarium that was built like a picture into the wall. The aquarium was not very large. Attached to it was another aquarium which acted as the sump. The sump could not be seen.

The aquarium was my first salt water reef tank. It was full of rock and soft corals, and lit by fluorescent tubes. After a while the aquarium was full of life, from tiny shrimps to growing corals. The many colours of the algae made it even better. I was relatively new at marine reef and fish keeping so the total lack of problem algae may have been a stroke of luck, though I did a great deal of research before I started. The only fish in the aquarium was a flame angelfish (Centropyge loriculus). This aquarium was my first foray into the fascinating world of reefs. I remember it so well!

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