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Watch The Heat From That Metal Halide

Metal halide lighting is very popular with reef keepers, particularly those who keep hard (SPS) corals. This is because it is a very powerful light that can penetrate deep into the aquarium provided that the bulb wattage has been correctly selected. Metal halide is likely to be superceded before too

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How Should I Go About Choosing A Heater For My Reef Tank?

Most marine systems are set up to house tropical livestock, which means that attention has to be given to maintaining a moderately high seawater temperature. The recommended temperature is 75 to 80 deg F, though some experienced aquarists run at a higher level to increase the metabolism of all the

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Should You Use Glass Covers On An Aquarium?

Those aquarists who purchased a ready built aquarium will possibly find that glass covers are built in. They will either be ‘lift-out’ or sliding. The aquarium that’s been individually assembled by the aquarist has covers or not – another decision to be made. If it is a fish only aquarium

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Why You Should Use More Than One Heater In The Home Aquarium

As with anything in the saltwater home aquarium hobby one of the areas which all aquarists must attempt to maintain is stability.

Temperature is one of these factors.

Allowing the temperature in the aquarium to fluctuate cause stress on the corals, fish etc which can bring out diseases etc or at worst even death.

When you are starting your home aquarium one of the factors which you need to research is how much heating wattage you will require. In a lot of cases where this has been worked out the aquarist goes out and purchases a heater to suit the desired wattage.

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