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Dosing Kalkwasser

Kalkwasser, otherwise known as limewater, is actually calcium hydroxide. Kalkwasser is a very fine powder and is normally introduced to the aquarium with the top-up water. There are realistically two methods to add kalkwasser to the aquarium, these are by a ‘kalk reactor/stirrer’ or by using what is called the

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Can Calcareous Deposits Effect Equipment?

Maintenance of a marine aquarium system, reef or fish only, is accepted as very important to its ongoing health. Water changes are done, filters cleaned and general observations of the interior made. Usually all is well, but sometimes occurrences arise which need dealing with. For example, the aquarist may note

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Magnesium – Why Is It Required In A Reef Tank

Magnesium is an element in the aquarium which is often neglected, however it is very important.

The topic of magnesium can be a very large and at times complex subject however in this short post I hope to provide only the information you need at present so you will know why magnesium is required and what levels you need to aim at maintaining it at.

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Aquarium Additives and Soft Corals

Keeping a seawater aquarium nowadays is a generally straightforward affair. Provided the design and setting up is satisfactory and the aquarist does the necessary periodic maintenance properly, the aquarium will give pleasure for a long period.

Commercial seawater mixes are good overall. The mix will provide adequate levels of elements in the seawater, but checks should still be made, particularly when the aquarium is matured and settling and onwards, to ensure that important parameters are as they should be.

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