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The Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimps are not the shrimps normally chosen by a marine aquarist to live in their display aquarium, and for good reason. They are very efficient predators. Aquarists are much happier with cleaner shrimps etc. Sometimes a mantis shrimp gets into the display aquarium, perhaps with live rock, or the

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The Cleaner Shrimp

Personally I like cleaner shrimps (Lysmata Amboinensis). I think that they are a fantastic addition to a reef tank. I have two in my aquarium and really enjoy watching them.

I like the way thay they hang upside down in a cave, the way in which they will take food out of your fingers and especially when they climb up your arm looking for food when you have you arm in the aquarium doing this and that.

There is one thing about them which I don’t like though and that is ‘they walk on the corals’

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