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Demand For Clownfish May Be Putting Them In Peril

I read an article today which is basically saying that the numbers of clownfish have fallen by the region of 75% in some areas of the world. The marine biologist who performed this study is putting this down to the Finding Nemo film. I am not sure

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Clownfish For Anemones

I recently did a short text on anemones. One of the reasons anemones are wanted by the aquarist is their relationship with an anemone. This relationship is remarkable and it is understandable why an aquarist would wish to duplicate this in an aquarium. For the relationship to

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Keeping An Anemone

There is understandably great fascination with some anemones, mainly because of their well known association with clownfish. Seeing these colourful little fish nestling in among what are normally dangerous tentacles is amazing. Before an aquarist obtains an anemone, the usual research into type and requirements is necessary.

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