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Coralline Algae Is Not Supposed To Be White

Coralline algae in the marine aquarium in my opinion makes the overall appearance much more attractive and natural. There are some people who dislike coralline algae and each to their own. I have a personal hatred to having any on the front glass and as soon as

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How To Increase The Amount Of Coralline Algae In The Saltwater Aquarium

When you start a saltwater aquarium and have purchased your live rock or whatever decorations you are going to use then there will probably not be that much coralline algae in the system (especially if you have chosen not to use live rock!)

If you are using live rock then dependant upon the quality of the live rock you should have some coralline algae of some type or other.

So how do you increase the amount of coralline algae in the aquarium or in some cases add coralline algae.

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