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My Diminutive Algae Scrubber

I had my glass aquarium built for me with a few additions inside. At the left end is a small triangular area which contains four pumps and also the intakes for canister filters, an anti-phosphate filter, a denitrator (not now in use), and a protein skimmer. The

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The Fish Tank Hood – Keep It Cool

There are many aspects in the aquarium which generate heat. There are pumps, heaters and of course the lighting. The choice of lighting normally determines if you will actually use a hood or not. If you choose to use fluorescent tubes then quite likely you will implement

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How To Level An Aquarium Stand

Ensuring that the aquarium is level is important. Sometimes if it is slightly out of level it doesn’t matter as the water surface is often above the lowest part of the aquarium hood, or there is a black band on the aquarium to hide the water surface.

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Aquarium DIY – Have Fun And Save Some Money

Personally I like DIY. I have done a bit of aquarium diy in relation to plumbing, stands, hoods etc however I have to say that I have not done anything that adventurous.

Doing a spot of aquarium diy is a great way to save some money, money which you can spend on corals etc!

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