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We Have Our First Members Blog In The Forum

As you may or may not know we changed our communtity forum so that members can create their own blogs and share their aquarium progression with others. Well we have our very first entry. It basically describes the progress of a new ‘in the wall’ aquarium. Some

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We Have Made Changes To The Forum And The Gallery

For a while now the forum and the gallery have been running as two separate applications on the web server. This, for obvious reasons made it hard for us to administer and moderate. Over the Christmas period we have been thinking about ways to make this easier

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The Aquarists Online Forum Has Had An Update

Here on the Aquarists Online website we have our own community saltwater aquarium forum loaded which is an area where saltwater aquarists can from all over the glove can come and ask questions, answer questions or just generally ‘hang out’.

Saltwater aquarists from any level can use this forum – it does not matter if you are a complete newbie or have been keeping saltwater aquariums for years – everyone is welcome.

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