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Live Rock Rubble – What’s That Then?

Live rock as we know is excellent at filtration within the aquarium as well as looking very natural.

Live rock rubble is a term which is heard of again and again and quite often people don’t really understand what it is and what it can be used for.

So what is it?

In the large containers either at the LFS or at the distributors where the live rock is cured prior to being made available for sale there are loads and loads of bits of live rock at the bottom of the containers.

This comes from bits of rock either becoming loosed and falling off, being knocked off during cleaning or some other method but over time there is quite a lot of rubble at the bottom of the container.

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DIY Hang-On Aquarium Filtration To Assist Water Quality

Water quality is at the top of reef aquarium requirements, and also important for fish only aquariums. In any text, emphasis is always given to the need for excellent water parameters. Aquarists take care to ensure that this quality is as high as it can be and the level is maintained.

At the same time one of the fears of the marine aquarist is the appearance of algae. Certain algae are welcome, they enhance the appearance of the reef considerably. Others are certainly not welcome, such as green hair algae, or dark algae creeping over rocks and sand suffocating life if allowed to continue.

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