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What’s In Marine Aquariums – The Beginners Guide

We have had a few people contact us asking what is in our new book and who it is beneficial for. We have replied to them but I thought it might be beneficial if we listed this information on Aquarists Online as well. Basically the book is available in both

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How Do You Transport Aquarium Fish?

Obtaining fish from the LFS (local fish shop) is really exciting. Maybe the aquarium is being initially stocked, or perhaps an ‘extra’ is being added (I hope that this doesn’t mean overstocking!). Whatever the reason for the purchase, the fish need to be taken to the aquarist’s home. The fish

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Is There A ‘Best Size’ Aquarium To Start With

This is probably something which most beginners to this hobby ask themselves and it is a very valid question. A lot of people recommend that beginners start with the largest aquarium which they can both afford and fit into the designated area. This is very good advice however it can

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