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What Is It That Makes Saltwater Aquariums So Popular

Many years ago keeping a saltwater aquarium was but a dream for many people, they were known for being exceptionally hard to keep, the animals did not live for long etc. How times have changed. Throughout these years more and more has been learnt about keeping these fascinating creatures and

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Should You Keep A Fish Only Aquarium, Corals Only, Or A Mixed Reef?

This decision is often taken in the planning stage, when considerations of equipment arise – what is needed? Some equipment is duplicated whatever the system type. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is true for marine systems. Many would say a mixed reef is the ideal, but

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Do You Think You Will Receive Anything Aquarium Related For Christmas?

With Christmas now only a few days away there are a lot of people planning for the day, a lot of children (and parents!) starting to get excited. I know Joshua is! He has done his Christmas list which has been sent, received a lovely letter from Santa, the Christmas

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Don’t Forget About The Children

Keeping and maintaining a saltwater aquarium be this fish only or a reef tank is a very rewarding hobby, however it is also a very educational one as well.

I have personally owned or been involved with an aquarium of some type or other for as long back as I can remember. My father taught me everything I know about aquariums and I now have the privilege of being able to do the same with my son Joshua.

I have had a saltwater aquarium since well before Josh was born. In his ‘younger’ years he was obviusly to young to understand what everything was yet he liked (or it looked like he did anyway) to be in front of he aquarium just watching it. Probably just the colours and the movement but it was nice to see. Now that he is a bit older he is starting to understand various aspects of the hobby and is starting to show a real interest.

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How To Change A Fish Only Aquarium Into A Reef Aquarium

The aquarist running a fish only aquarium has gained a great deal of valuable knowledge about husbandry. He/she has also been able to keep fish that the reef aquarist cannot. These fish are considered as not reef friendly.

This is the first consideration before any move is made towards a reef aquarium. The aquarist will know the fish being kept – are they reef friendly? If there is any doubt then research is needed. Chances should not be taken. If the aquarist cannot bear to part with any fish then either the aspiration for a reef aquarium should go, or a reef aquarium should be set up separately.

Let’s assume the aquarist has all reef friendly fish. There will be further consideration of these fish later.

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