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What Is A Native Marine Aquarium

A marine aquarium, of course, is always the same thing. It uses seawater and has various devices in use to maintain the quality of that seawater.

The common view of a marine aquarium is one which displays beautiful colourful fish, and also has a fascinating captive reef installed. This view is quite understandable, as public aquarium establishments more often than not display tropical reef life, and the majority of home marine aquariums are the same.

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What Is New Tank Syndrome

This syndrome isn’t ‘new’ as the name might suggest. It has been around for many years. However, its incident rate has much reduced over recent years but the danger is still present.

‘New Tank Syndrome’ (NTS) is a catastrophic failure of a newly set up marine aquarium system. This failure is caused by the aquarist, assuming that the system set up is adequate and correct. If the system is inadequate in some way then it is possible that it will fail, but this is not NTS. It is simply poor research and implementation.

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