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Salt Water versus Fresh Water

When an opinion was sought about which type of aquarium to keep, the intention wasn’t to pit one against the other in some sort of competition. It was asking me for an opinion and I have to openly admit that I am hopelessly biased. I think the

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How To Convert A Freshwater Aquarium To A Saltwater Aquarium

This is not an attempt to lay down railway lines for a converting aquarist to religiously follow, but hopefully a thought provoker that indicates some of what lies ahead.

Quite a number of freshwater aquarists are tempted to keep marines because they see a stunning aquarium somewhere, or they realize that keeping marines is not as difficult as they first thought, or they feel they have accumulated enough experience to make the change. Not all freshwater aquarists are the same of course. There are some really beautiful decorated freshwater aquariums about, and keeping one of these is as difficult as a reef aquarium.

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