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Tube Anemones

Tube anemones (Cerianthus sp) are fairly commonly seen in local fish shops (LFS’s). They are different and very attractive. They remind me a little of ‘feather dusters’ in how they live, and also of some fireworks in appearance. The ‘pretty’ fireworks that is, where colourful flames and sparks exit the

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Acclimatising New Corals And Fish The Correct Way

The purpose of acclimatisation is simple – the water that the animal is packaged in may have a different temperature, pH and salinity than that of your aquarium. Aquatic life (especially corals and invertebrates) are very sensitive to minor changes in water parameters therefore acclimatisation is a requirement for success.

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The Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimps are not the shrimps normally chosen by a marine aquarist to live in their display aquarium, and for good reason. They are very efficient predators. Aquarists are much happier with cleaner shrimps etc. Sometimes a mantis shrimp gets into the display aquarium, perhaps with live rock, or the

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