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Be Careful When Selecting Your Return Pump

If you utlise a sump inside your aquarium them there is one thing you will need for certain – you will need to return the water back to the display aquarium.

For this you will require an aquarium pump.

However, it is not as simple as going out and purchasing the first, best or even cheapest pump you can find. There are various calculations which you need to consider.

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What Happens If You Lose Power

This happened to me today – just as I was sitting down at the dinner table the power suddenly went off.

Up I jumped quick as a flash to make sure that the aquarium was ok – my wife was more concerned over the freezer and that all the food might defrost – she obviously needs to look at her priorities!

My son found it all highly amuzing watching his mummy and daddy running around the house leaving their dinners to go cold – and we didn’t even ask if we could leave the table.

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